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Log Non-Settling Chink Style

Probably one of the most iconic styles of log home construction, our handcrafted non-settling chink style log homes are crafted with saddle notches at the corners and the spaces between the logs are filled with chinking.

Our engineered non-settling system uses a series of lag bolts to secure, or “freeze”, the position of each wall log. This proven system has been tested and measured over the course of several years after our homes are finished, and shows no loss in the wall heights. This is a wonderful option for homeowners who want to avoid building methods that allow for settling.

Gone are the days of moss or cement stuffed in the lateral gaps between logs. Advanced formulas allow modern chinking to stretch and contract with the logs as they adjusts to seasonal changes in temperature and moisture. Chinking comes in many colors to complement your stain color choice.

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Caribou Creek began in 1989 as a family business started by the three Byler brothers. Since that time, it has worked its way to become a premier builders of log and timber projects in the United States and worldwide.


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Caribou Creek has more than fulfilled my vision.  Their honesty, integrity, truthfulness and state-of-the-art craftsmanship is beyond reproach.Richard E. McClellanCaribou Creek Log Home Owner
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