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Choosing a General Contractor for Your Log Home

Caribou Creek has worked with many general contractors in the past, and may be able to recommend a company that has experience finishing log and timber homes.

So, you’ve met with Caribou Creek and discussed your home. You’ve drawn and redrawn your plans till they’re nearly perfect. Now the question you face is who you will hire to finish out your dream log home once Caribou Creek resets the log shell on your site.

However you find your contractor, there are a few things to consider when deciding if they are the right fit for your project. For most people, a Caribou Creek log home is not only their dream home, but it also the first experience they have with the unique nature of a handcrafted log or timber home. However, working with a custom design that is not a “cookie-cutter” design, and materials that are non-standardized, does present some challenges.

Choose a general contractor with experience to finish your log home | Caribou Creek Log & Timber

As you consider which general contractor to work with, take a look at their portfolio. Does it include any log or timber projects? Is the project a milled product, or is it handcrafted? You can ask them what past projects they’ve completed that are similar to yours.

Other questions to ask include whether they are familiar with staining and chinking a log home; are they knowledgeable about managing moisture with regards to a log home (both exterior protection and proper drainage, and also managing interior air moisture with adequate ventilation); how do they integrate conventional construction into your log home, such as where framing and logwork intersect?

Caribou Creek Log Homes is able to help you and your contractor during all stages of finishing your log or timber home. We are happy to provide technical support for your contractor and answer any questions he may encounter along the way.

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Caribou Creek began in 1989 as a family business started by the three Byler brothers. Since that time, it has worked its way to become a premier builders of log and timber projects in the United States and worldwide.


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